Kowloon City Stories / Contribution

Fa Kee of Kowloon City

I have a fond feeling for the girly product under-stairs shops. I started to dress up when I was a student. At that time, there was an under-stairs shop called Fa Kee in the Kowloon City District. I always shopped there. There were many kinds of accessories, and the owner would teach me to tie my hair and mix and match the accessories, which made me feel confident! The shy little girl learned how to dress up because of the shop owner, so she wouldn’t look ugly anymore!

The friendly and consistent service of the small shop, the special style and cheap price of the products, only seen in the under-stairs shop, where the owner has a smile on their face all the time, and the distance between people is very close. Such memories are precious. Nowadays, large companies are indifferent, it is difficult to feel this kind of friendliness. These are the unique attractions of Kowloon City under-stairs shops, which keep reminding me the lovely time, and I will never forget them.


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