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Gold Fashion

Cheongsam (or “Qipao”) is a kind of Chinese traditional costume originated from the Qing Dynasty. A piece of well-cut Cheongsam brings out the exquisite elegance and curvy bodyline of women. Unfortunately, there are not many Cheongsam shops left in the market.

During a stroll in To Kwa Wan, we found a surprise. Gold Fashion is one of the very few boutiques specialised in Cheongsam in the area. Once stepped into the shop, an attractive variety of Cheongsams on display comes into sight. Apart from embroidery, beading and 3D flower pattern, the experienced tailor, Mr. Man, can handle almost any special request you can think of, such as adding cloak and train. He has been running the shop in To Kwa Wan for over 40 years, mainly offering tailor-made service. Ready-to-wear collection is also available for sale. To meet the market trend, Mr. Man also adds see-through design to his work, delivering a unique sense of style and fashion.

While handmade Cheongsam tailors are getting fewer and fewer in Hong Kong, Mr. Man still attracts flocks of customers with his fine details and high-quality workmanship. Even foreign tourists come a long way to To Kwa Wan for him. Everyone enters the shop with expectation and leaves with satisfaction.

Why not put on the bright-coloured Cheongsam to relive the vibrant, good old days?

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