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Kam Fat Mahjong Shop

Ho Sau-mai, one of the last mahjong artisans in Hong Kong.
Kam Fat Mahjong
Handcraft Mahjong
Kam Fat Mahjong

Nowadays in Hong Kong, mahjong tiles could be bought in grocery stores, so why have to order the exquisite hand-carved mahjong tiles? The art of handcrafting mahjong tiles was named an intangible cultural heritage by the Hong Kong Government in 2014. Madam Ho Sau-mei, one of the mahjong tile carvers in Hong Kong, runs her family business named Kam Fat Mahjong in a small-scaled under-stairs shop located in Hung Hom.

Kam Fat Mahjong Shop was founded in 1962 by her father, Mr Ho. The store was not only the site of where the meticulous painstaking task was done but also a shelter for the family of six. Madam Mei upholds her family legacy to preserve the tradition. Engraving the Chinese characters, adjusting and painting the patterns, she never gets tired of working in this industry. Every bit of the crafting art is precious to her, marks the uniqueness of every mahjong tiles, amazing gifts for everyone.

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