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Hung Hom Pancake

Rooted in Hung Hom for more than 40 years, Hung Hom Pancake won the gourmets’ heart with its signature egg waffle made with heirloom recipe. It is crispy on the outside, with a fluffy cake body on the inside. You can smell the egg fragrance from far away. No wonder there is always a long queue outside the shop.

The owner started the business with a wooden street food cart, selling egg waffles and traditional waffles outside LUX Theatre 40 years ago. He moved to a ground-floor shop after the government cancelled his hawker licence. The owner and the community members have been witnessing the change of Hung Hom over the years. The menu has also evolved, featuring some tempting choices such as homemade mango pancake and meat floss pancake. The mango pancake is highly acclaimed for its generous mango fillings wrapped in a perfectly plump pancake.

The surrounding area also offers a wide array of street food loved by the locals. For street food lovers, Hung Hom is a must-visit place!

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