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Kwok Wah Ho

Opposite to Red Apple stands a traditional grocery store, with the once bright red shop sign that has gone pale.

The old, broken abaculus flooring and self-made overhead rails for hanging groceries are signature scenes that speak for the history of Kwok Wah Ho. Old-fashioned grocery stores like this sell a surprisingly wide variety of food commodities. Here you can find Chinese medicine herbs and sauces that are rarely sold in chain supermarkets. It also offers special kinds of flat leaves that are used for wrapping rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival. To local community members, it is easier to grab the desirable item in this grassroots store than the chain supermarkets.

During a chat with the owner, he told us rice is the best selling product. Being the only grocery store in the area, the wide-ranging rice brands available and door-to-door delivery service are why Kwok Wah Ho wins the community’s heart.

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