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New Youth Barber Shop

Shanghai-style barber shops in Hong Kong is getting fewer and fewer, but still can be found in Kowloon City. A few years ago, the New Youth Barber Shop moved from street to upstairs in the same district due to rental price growth. Climbing up from the narrow stairs, you can see various sizes of price tags over there. The prices for hair styling are nice, it only takes $78 for hair washing and cutting!

Shanghai-style barber shop is different from salon, it offers men’s facial shaving service. Facial shaving is more dangerous than hair cutting, only senior staff with years of experiences and skills can handle it. Facilities with historical traces, old-style rotating lights, multi-functional leather chairs, antiquated electric hair steam machines and razors, etc., under the nostalgic atmosphere, looks like we have traveled to the 1950s and 1960s.

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