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Nostalgic Boutique

Sitting next to the I Feng Mansions, Nostalgic Boutique is a treasure cove for antique lovers and dealers. The wooden shop plaque and interior make it look like a furniture shop. The publishing year printed on the old newspaper placed in the entrance indicates its historic interest. It boasts a wide array of second-hand goodies from accessories, stationeries, furniture to Chinese calligraphy and painting collections. The story behind each item is also worth exploring. Commonly known as the “Mademoiselle Chair”, this kind of traditional Chinese chair is specially designed to suit female bodies and is a luxury that only rich families can afford.

During a chat, the owner exuded his satisfaction over the shop location. He thinks the historic surroundings and vibe of the To Kwa Wan neighbourhood fit his concept very well.

Each item on display is being taken good care of by the owner. Please appreciate them with your eyes and avoid causing any damage during your visit!

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