Kowloon City Stories / Contribution

Pearl House Shopping Centre

Most old shopping centres in Kowloon City were cramped, messy and gloomy due to the lack of natural light. Despite the unpleasant layout, people flocked to shop there, since the small shops gave people a feeling of closeness and friendliness.

During the rise of video game consoles in the 1980s and 1990s, I was studying at the primary school in Kowloon City District. After school, my parents took me and my younger brother to Pearl House Shopping Centre where housed a wide array of shops, including comics photocopying, shared game centres, comics shops and hardware modification shops. They sold trendy products at a low price. It was the era of “Nintendo Family Computer Disk System”, “Apollo”, “Street Fighter”, “NeoGeo”, “Dragon Ball” and “Saint Seiya”. New games were released almost every day. It was like walking into a gaming paradise for me and my younger brother. We were really joyful.

I will never forget my visits to this centre. Thank you Pearl House Shopping Centre for giving me happy childhood memories.



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