Kowloon City Stories / Contribution

Ruby Theatre and the Great Wall Shopping Centre

Ruby Theatre (Source: Online Photo)

When I was young, I lived on the top (8th) floor in a tenement building on Lun Cheung Street, To Kwa Wan. The building had two entrances. Each flat had a few households living in them. I remember that the happiest thing in my childhood was to play with my neighbours. My mother was working in the Ruby Theatre at the time.

I would sneak into the theatre to watch a movie before going to the (primary PM) school in the afternoon.

And the Great Wall Shopping Centre, the teacher always said naughty students would go there. I finally had the chance to go there when I was in the Primary 5 & 6.

Opposite to my flat is the Cattle Depot, next to the gas holder. If you stayed in the flat all day, you would hear the cows mooing in the morning or afternoon, you would see the trucks delivering cows pass by, and there would be “coal dust” floating from the gas company. These were all beautiful fragments and memories.

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