Kowloon City Stories / Contribution

Unique sights in Kowloon City

Speaking about the unfathomable mystery in Kowloon City that is often too subtle to notice, it has to be the flyover as shown in the picture below. Its construction stayed unfinished for years. There has hardly been any progress since I was a student. Even though I have been working full time for years, it has neither been demolished nor extended. What a wonder in the crowded city!

The flyover sits on the busy trunk road in Kowloon City. I look up to it every time I pass through. It acts like my childhood friend who has watched me grow. It also witnessed the day-to-day changes happening in the area, seeing people come and go, communities rise and fall.

The construction has recently restarted. Not sure how it will turn out to be, but I am looking forward to its rebirth and the transformation of Kowloon City.

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