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Wing Heung Café

Wing Heung Café

Wing Heung Café in To Kwa Wan was the filming location of movie “Port of Call”. Old window grilles, mosaic tiles floor, booth seats, three bladed ceiling fans, light green ceramic tile wall and red character signboard at the shop retain the same as the old Hong Kong style café. It also serves with traditional café dishes like French toast, poached egg in hot water, grass jelly drinks, etc. Dining in Wing Heung Café is like tasting the old Hong Kong.

Wing Heung Café used to be crowded with customers during lunch time as industrial activities were active in To Kwa Wan. However, with the relocation of Hong Kong industries, customers and staff were leaving gradually. Nowadays, only mother and son are still operating the shop.

Sunset is magnificent, but dusk is near.

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