Natural Mosquito Repellent Cube Workshop

2023.05.28 - 2023.06.07

Summer is not only a rainy season, but also a “mosquito season”. If you always get bitten by mosquitoes, then you should pay attention, because the Natural Mosquito Repellent Cube Workshop is back. This time, we also teach you the simple method of weaving a lanyard for hanging indoors or on bags. Don’t miss it if you like DIY crafts!
Registration link: (Opens form 20 May 2023 3pm)
1. Please consult the doctor’s advice in advance if you had an allergic reaction associated with using mosquito repellent or any history of allergy.
2. The applicant’s name must be the same as shown on HKID card. Our staff has the right to ask successful applicants to show their proof of identity for checking. Personal Octopus and student card are accepted.
3. Successful applicants will be notified by email or Whatsapp. Applicants who are not contacted within 10 working days may assume their applications are unsuccessful.
4. Each person can register only once. Participants will be disqualified automatically if more than one registration is received.
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