Supported by Urban Renewal Fund, the operation period of the Kowloon City Themed Walking Trail is from January 2018 to December 2024.


In the rapid transformation of the in Kowloon City’s urban renewal, the following three points have been adopted to achieve the purpose of district revitalization.

Goal 1

Connect the create the link between Kowloon City district’s historical, cultural architecture and facilities

Connect Kowloon City district’s historical buildings and facilities, improve public space

Goal 2

Organize various historical, cultural, artistic and conservation related activities

Organize various historical, cultural, artistic and conservation related activities for local residents and overseas visitors, so as to enhance and promote the uniqueness of the Kowloon City District and pass it on to the younger generation

Goal 3

Collaborate and engage with stakeholders

to achieve the goal of district revitalization by collaborating and interacting with different stakeholders

Public Facilities

The following public facilities will be added in order to improve walkability by providing information and facilitating different cultural activities to happen.

Public Facilities
Final design is subject to government approval.

Information Centre

Information Centre is set up in To Kwa Wan to reach stakeholders in the district, promote the walking trail, connect and engage with community.

Infomation Centre provides age-friendly facilities.

Opening Hours:

Tue-Sun 11:00am- 6:00pm

Closed on Mondays

Address:Shop No.5, Ground Floor, Wan Tung Building, No. 115 Tam Kung Road, Kowloon

Contact Us :

Tel:3183 0928

Address:1/F, Lower Block, Chun Seen Mei Chuen, Ma Tau Chung, Kowloon