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The Kowloon City Community Tufting Art Project


​Kowloon City is a community filled with stories, bearing traces of both old and new. Various ethnic groups have rooted here, giving rise to a diverse culture. In recent years, many unique shops and cafes have opened, bringing changes to this old district. What impressions do you have of this community? How were these impressions formed?

From October to November this year, the Walking Trail will host the Kowloon City Community Art Project, exploring the community together with participants, understanding local stories, and discovering the people and things that make up the Kowloon City district. The project is divided into two groups (Kowloon City Group / Hung Hom Group). Participants are required to create distinctive community art pieces with the theme “The Elements of Kowloon City /Hung Hom/To Kwa Wan”. Once completed, the artworks will be displayed on mobile art installations, which will be exhibited at various locations in Kowloon City.

This activity is in collaboration with the local artist” Buddy Workshop HK”. The works are scheduled to be exhibited at the 2024 Kowloon City Youth Arts Festival. If you are passionate about community art, eager to explore the Kowloon City district and interested in tufting art, welcome to join the Walking Trail as a community tufting artist!



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