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Tak Cheung Tea Shop

Tak Cheung Tea Shop was founded in 1966 by Uncle Cheung who immigrated to Hong Kong in the 1960s. He worked in Kowloon City Road and became a tea leaves dealer by referral. He first delivered the tea leaves in giant metal buckets with his bike. He then founded Tak Cheung Tea Shop as a street stall at Tung Tau Estate in Wong Tai Sin and moved to the current site at Ngan Hon Street in To Kwa Wan in 1989.

Tak Cheung Tea Shop is filled with the aroma of tea and human warmth. Uncle Cheung recalled a story of an old couple. As they were about to leave after purchase, his wife told him they had no children and could only afford living in a cramped subdivided unit. Feeling his duty to the community, he asked his son to chase the leaving couple and returned their money. Influenced by the example set by his father, the son continues to support the aged residents by either offering them a cheaper price or a comparatively generous portion.

The two generations not only share the same values in business, but also extensive knowledge about tea. If you are a tea lover, feel free to visit the shop and exchange thoughts on the art of tea!

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