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Whampoa Dock

The Whampoa Dock had been transformed into Whampoa Garden today
The old scenery of Hung Hom, when Whampoa Dock was still present (Courtesy of the Hong Kong Heritage Project)
The Whampoa Dock has been transformed into Whampoa Garden today.

If you want to know more about the history of Hung Hom district development, Whampoa Dock is the best place to start!

In 1860, Kowloon was ceded to Britain. 4 years later, Whampoa Dock was built along Hung Hom’s harbour. By then, different factories were set up as well, such as other shipyards, power plants, and cement factories. The originally village-based Hung Hom began undergoing tremendous changes! Creating plentiful employment opportunities, Whampoa Dock attracted a lot of Chinese workers. Hence, a large demand for housing was derived, which contributed to the building of houses, shops, schools, and temples.

Since 1970s, Whampoa Dock had withdrawn from Hung Hom in phases. After reclamation, the original site had transformed into Whampoa Garden. The only portion left of the huge dockyard is now converted into a white boat that stands in Whampoa Garden as shopping mall, and Whampoa Street where dockyard workers used to live in.

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