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Yick Cheong Pawnbroker

In Hong Kong, pawn shops are disappearing. The wooden screen at the entrance hides the inside view from passers-by, making it a mystery to many people.

For those who have never stepped into a pawn shop, what they know about it probably comes from television shows. Standing on Bulkeley Street in Hung Hom, Yick Cheong Pawnbroker has a red and white shop sign that can be easily spotted from far away. The valuables people pawn nowadays are normally mobile and diamond, but in the past, apart from jewellery, household items such as suits and blankets were also very common. Pawnbrokers lend the money based on their appraisal. If you suddenly need some cash on the street where there is no ATM, getting a short-term loan from them can be an idea, though interest will be charged. If the loan is not settled within 4 months, they can sell the item for profit.

What will you pawn if you have the chance to visit the shop?

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