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Fuk Tak Temple

Fuk Tak Temple in Hung Hom

There is a temple between residential buildings and right in the middle of the footpath? This unusual sight can be found at the end of Bulkeley Street in Hung Hom. It has a long history and  has always been the guardian temple for the residents of Hung Hom. “Fuk Tak” refers to the Tudi Gong. During the times when the nearby Whampoa Dock was still operating, it was a place where workers from the dock prayed for safety. According to local residents, during World War II, a nearby primary school was mistakenly bombed, and the ashes of the deceased students were placed in Fuk Tak Temple. Today, Fuk Tak Temple remains a vibrant place of worship, and the Hung Hom Kaifong Association organizes the “Birthday Celebration of Fuk Tak” every March in the lunar calendar, which is worth witnessing.

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