Kowloon City Stories / Contribution

Grandpa and Gasometer

In the past, my grandpa lived in Ming Lun Street, To Kwa Wan. I would see a few big and round “steel frames” on the way to visit him when I was a child. I was curious and wanted to climb up the frame to play. When I got older, I learned that they are drums used to store coal gas or natural gas.

The two To Kwa Wan Gas Holders were built in the 1930s and were the landmark in the area at that time. Towngas thought that one gas holder was sufficient, so it dismantled one of them in 1995. Not sure why I felt bad in my heart when I heard the news.

Although there is only one gas holder left now, every time I pass by, it brings me back lots of lovely memories with my grandpa: playing hide-and seek with him in the corridor, walking with him to the Kowloon City pier, drinking coconut water at Lai Kei, having Hong Kong-style French toast at Pak Kung Cafe, he bought me Pork Oil Rice Noodle Rolls for breakfast, and always bought me Mi Run Tang and Peanut Brittle.

Whenever I see the gas holder, I think of my kind grandpa. I hope that this only remaining gas holder will last forever like my grandpa’s love. I also hope that my grandpa will continue to live happily in heaven!

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