Kowloon City Stories / History

Hok Yuen Street

The Hok Un Power Station in 1947. (Photo by Hong Kong Heritage Project)
Hok Yuen Street

In the bustling streets of Hok Yuen Street , can you imagine that this street was once the site of a massive power plant? In the industrial history of Hung Hom, alongside the immense Whampoa Dock, there were other heavy industries nearby, including the cement plant, shipyard, factories, and the Hok Un Power Station.

The Hok Un Power Station, owned by the China Light and Power Company Limited, was established in 1921. Its name was derived from the nearby Hok Yuen Village. The plant’s tall chimneys and billowing smoke were once memories for the residents of Hung Hom. During World War II, the plant’s machinery was destroyed by CLP under the government’s orders to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Japanese forces. It resumed operation after the war. In 1994, the Hok Un Power Plant was transformed into the Laguna Verde, leaving behind only the street name “Hok Yuen Street ” as a reminder of its existence.

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