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Hung Hom Maternity Home

The maternity home has now become Hung Hom clinic.
The list of donor for maternity home, placed in Hung Hom clinic now.
The foundation stone of Hung Hom Maternity Home

The Maternity Home was established in 1959, located next to the Hung Hom Kwan Yum Temple. During the 1950s, The Hung Hom (Three Districts) Kaifong Association built a free maternity home to help relieve the burden on the public healthcare system caused by the baby boom after the Second World War.

While not equivalent to regular hospitals, these clinics were better than untrained midwives (“執媽”). Most families couldn’t afford the prices of formal hospitals, choosing maternity home is the best option. Trained midwives were in charge of deliveries, and in case of emergencies, they could swiftly call for the hospital’s obstetric emergency team, making them trustworthy.

As the birth rate continued to decline into the 1980s, over a hundred maternity home phased out of operation. The maternity home has now become a general out-patient clinic.

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