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Lok Sin Tong Free School

Lok Sin Tong Primary School was previously known as “Lok Sin Tong Free School” before the 1970s. Being one of the most reputable schools in Kowloon City, it received an overwhelming number of applications that exceeded its actual admission offers for several times every year.

During 1957-1963, I attended the morning session from Primary One to Primary Six. The school had strict rules. All teachers and students must attend the morning assembly on the playground and listen to the principal’s speech every day. Students who were late had to stand at the back and the discipline master would hit their palms with rattan cane after the assembly ended. The principal would also make his rounds inspecting every class on a daily basis. The most important occasion every year was the time when directors came and made a speech. Students must keep a tidy appearance and behave well during their visit.

One thing I remember the most was the abacus class. While students needed to bring their own abacus, the teacher would teach with a gigantic abacus (approximately 4 ft. x 2 ft.) hung on the blackboard. The Chinese class covered classical poetry which was out of the examination syllabus, but our teacher still stressed the importance of memorising them. I remember after taking the Secondary School Entrance Examination in Primary Six, we were taught some famous pieces such as, “Chang Hen Ge”, “Bing Ju Xing”, “Pipa Xing”, “Zheng Qi Ge”, “Man Jiang Hong” and “Ballad of Mulan”. I can still recall a few of them until now.

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