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Mei Tung Estate

Mei Tung Estate
Mei Tung House, Mei Tung Estate
Mei Po House, Mei Tung Estate
Mei Tung Estate

Mei Tung Estate is located opposite the Kowloon Walled City Park. It is the first housing estate completed under the MacLehose 10-year housing programme. It used to have only one building, Mei Tung House. Later, Mei Po House was built in the 1980s; Mei Yan House and Mei Tak House were built in 2010 and 2014. With a history of 47 years, it has witnessed the changes in Kowloon Walled City and the relocation of the airport. It is now about to be demolished.

One of the characteristics of Mei Tung Estate is the appearance of short upper and long lower floors. From the side, you will find that the lowest two floors of commercial and residential buildings are longer than the upper eight floors. The original design concept is that the lowest two floors of each building can be connected. However, the government failed to retake the land, and the plan to build other houses above the connecting floor was forced to stop, so that only Mei Tung House had this design.

The Mei Tung House and Mei Po House will be demolished one after another. Most of the old shops have been moved away, and only a few will persevere until the last moment.

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