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My Memories of Kai Tak 6

These photos were taken in 1983. It was the time when the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Hong Kong handover received a great deal of fanfare that triggered a new wave of emigration.

I still remember the day bidding farewell to a secondary schoolmate and her family who decided to migrate to America in the airport. I forgot how I felt exactly, but as our formal dressing implied, everyone was taking the occasion seriously. Back then, travelling overseas was uncommon. Kai Tak Airport was somewhere one would rarely visit.

The terminal was relatively small in scale. It boasted two storeys which were occupied by the departure and arrival halls respectively. There were always people bustling around. The staircases and the white wall were two popular spots for taking pictures and a farewell hug.

Looking at the old photographs recall memories and stir up emotions. Among the attendants shown in the picture, three have migrated to America while I keep in touch with only two of them. From teens to silver hairs, I wonder if we can ever meet again.

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