Kowloon City Stories / Architecture

Old Far East Flying Training School

The semi-cylindrical hangar of the Hong Kong Aviation Club

The history of Kowloon City, apart from Walled City and the Song Dynasty, also encompasses significant aviation history. The land of the former Kai Tak Airport is still under development, but there’s a place where you can experience Kowloon City’s old aviation legacy: the site of the old Far East Flying School, now the headquarters of the Hong Kong Aviation Club.

Near Song Wong Toi and the edge of the old Kai Tak Airport, the Hong Kong Aviation Club comprises a relatively inconspicuous cluster of Grade III historic buildings, with its distinctive semi-cylindrical hangar as its emblem. These structures were constructed between the 1950s and 1970s and originally belonged to the Hong Kong Flying Club, Hong Kong Aviation Club, and Far East Flying Training School. In 1983, the site was taken over by the Hong Kong Aviation Club, and it has been recognized as a Grade III historic building since 2010.

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