Kowloon City Stories / Architecture

Lok Hau Fook Restaurant

In Kowloon City, there’s a popular spot for film shooting — Kowloon Walled City? Nope, demolished already. Kai Tak Airport? Nope, it has been relocated. It’s actually the Lok Koo Fook Restaurant on Hau Wong Road.

Lok Koo Fook Restaurant has a long history, tracing back to its opening in 1954, spanning over 60 years. Inside the restaurant, you’ll find a pair of dragon and phoenix sculptures and classic Teochew dishes handwritten in calligraphy on the walls, all deliberately preserved by the owner. These decorations evoke memories of the golden era of the 1980s, the time before Kai Tak was relocated. The restaurant is situated in a pre-war tenement building, with the land lease dated July 1, 1898, the day the “Convention between Great Britain and China Respecting an Extension of Hong Kong Territory” was effective. The tenement building was classified as a Grade III historic building in 2010.

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