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HH Snacks Shop

HH Snacks Shop

Although I have not witnessed the rise and fall of To Kwa Wan’s industry, nor is it a neighbourhood in my community, I have an inseparable relationship with this place.

I spent my childhood and teenage school life in To Kwa Wan. I remember when I was young, my mother would personally pick me up from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then take me to the tennis courts in Tin Kwong Road Tennis Court to practice tennis with my coach. I don’t like doing sports, especially sports that require a certain amount of physical strength. My mother always bought the famous deep fried chicken leg from the HH Snacks Shop to “entice” me to leave campus as soon as the school bell rang. As I walked, I would bite the hot chicken leg, ignoring the gravy stains dripping onto my snow-white jersey, reluctantly carrying the tennis racket and walking along the path next to the Tin Kwong Road softball field to the tennis court.

Later on, when I was in secondary school, my schoolwork was heavy and I also participated in different school activities. I couldn’t squeeze in time to play tennis anymore, but the fresh and crisp taste of chicken leg lingered in my mind. After school, if I had time I would make a special detour to HH to buy deep fried chicken leg.

It has been nearly ten years since I graduated, and when I was tired from work, I would always think of the delicious chicken leg and my childhood in To Kwa Wan.

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