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Hoover Cake Shop

Walnuts cake
Founder’s wife of Hoover Cake Shop, Mrs Chow and the staff
Hoover Cake Shop

Love at first bite! Acclaimed as one of the city’s oldest and best egg tart bakeries, the Hoover Cake Shop’s queue can sometimes stretch quite far in Kowloon City during afternoon tea time.

The Bakery was founded in 1970s. It sold more than 3,000 egg tarts per day at a record high. The red tiles and mosaic tiles of the shop reminiscent of an old-fashioned cake shop. A huge cake display cabinet made of glass will also catch your eyes, with various local pastries inside luring you to fall for them, such as traditional cocktail buns, pineapple buns, sausage rolls, walnuts cake and the signature cream cake.

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