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Kwai Yue Zai Wo Kee Lung

If you want to experience Teochew culinary culture, you must visit Kowloon City, often referred to as “Little Teochew.” One of the places located in the South Wall Road is Kwai Yue Zai Wo Kee Lung, offering a diverse range of pastries and desserts.

Kowloon City has the nickname “Little Chaozhou” after a large influx of mainland Chinese immigrants, many of whom were Teochew people, settled there in the post-war period. The streets were filled with people speaking Teochew dialect, and Chaozhou-style restaurants were abundant. This became a vivid memory for Hong Kong residents when they thought of Kowloon City. Although the Teochew population in Kowloon City has decreased due to the demolition of Kowloon Walled City and the relocation of the airport, the district still retains much of the Teochew culture. The artistry of Chaozhou sugar cakes and sugar sculptures was even included to Hong Kong’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2014.

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